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Shanghai Shu-Kun Mou Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

Wood wool cement board cement board Xueyan

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Shanghai Shu-Kun Mou Enterprise Management Limited was established in 2004. Company focused on China and Thailand both countries import and export trade and investment in China micro and small enterprises (production and distribution of the major Thai products). And free provision of financial, tax, investment and business management consulting services.
Existing Master 3, 4 senior, intermediate grade 5, including two foreign employees; companies proficient in Thai, Korean, English and other languages.
Business advocate at the Thai Buddhist culture. Companies adhering to the "harmony, development and win-win" business philosophy and co-oriented, integrity-based "business principles. For our customers and partners to provide quality services. Welcome to the new and old partners and common development and growth.
There is currently a subsidiary of:
SMK fire retardant coating Shanghai Co., Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary), the production thin steel structure fire, through the compa... [Details]